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Date/Time:2021-03-03 @ 2100
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Note:Spike on Tantalus that doesn’t appear to be weather related. YNM went down at 1800. YNR has possible faint increase in boldness but could have just been increased in sensitivity. Hopefully someone else can take a closer look at data. Tantalus update at 2135 - spike has a strong drop-off.

Cannot currently confirm or deny Steamboat from spectrogram data, (Jarno might be able to, but my SWARM IRIS Data set download for YNR has not quite uploaded past 1630.) I can say though that currently YNR does have some form of mechanical trace on it (which might be the explanation for YNR having a trace starting at 1800, presenting as a slight "thickening" line). I can confirm however via GFS-Sars Soundings and Nam-3km-CONUS Convective allowing soundings that the conditions needed for some kind of weather event to occur were not present at all this afternoon (3PM and onward). tldr: Cannot confirm or deny SB from spectro, but can confirm that this was not a weather event. Update: Non-SB noise (the thickening on YNR) started around 1801 per spectro. Cannot find anything that looks like SB on spectro, but, it has eluded YNR in the past.
Entrant: K.Cooper
Time Entered:2021-03-03 21:56:18
Time Uploaded:2021-03-03 21:56:18
0855 03/04/2021: Jim Holstein called from Mammoth. His snowcoach guide Scott from See Yellowstone drove by Norris today on way to pick up Jim's group at Mammoth. Reports it does look like a good steam column but it is also a cold morning so he isn't 100% sure. They will check again on trip south.
Entrant: ypcaribou
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