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Date/Time From:2021-05-30 @ 0925
Date/Time To:2021-05-30 @ 1330
Entrant:Ben VL
Observer:Ben VL, Art, Bill
Time Entered:2021-05-30 15:23:23
Time Uploaded:2021-05-30 15:23:32
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Note:Steamboat continues the activity from the last few days with large, tall, and sometimes vertical NV (some of the verticals are fairly tall) and a lackluster SV. SV does occasionally have a heavier minor, and sometimes it is sustained and/or contains a vertical splash or surge. No sustained vertical and no large SV vertical. It seems that NV is often dragging SV along into doing something 'interesting' a lot of the time. It often accompanies nicer/decent NV activity. Gravel is accumulating in the trough but not being pushed out. The green bacteria in the trough & beyond has grown a little since last night. Emerald cloudy this morning (low wind) but cleared up quite a bit by the time I left. It seems like it has been alternating btwn clear and cloudy each day for a while. Echinus has also been alternating clear and murky each day. It seems that whenever ES is clear, Echinus has been that cloudy filthy brown color from last year, and visa versa. The one note where I saw something sort of interesting from a few days ago, ES was clear and Echinus was murky.

Thank you for the daily updates! 😁
Entrant: Bhoffer
Time Entered:2021-05-30 18:25:26
Time Uploaded:2021-05-30 18:25:28
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