Note 18200

Date/Time From:2021-06-29 @ 1812
Date/Time To:2021-06-29 @ 1838
Time Entered:2021-06-30 08:51:47
Time Uploaded:2021-06-30 08:51:49
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Water level was high along with Fountain prior to Fountain's eruption start at 1812. In the first minute of Fountain, Morning's pool had some convection and a small clutch of large bubbles in the back of the pool before being drowned by both Fountain and Morning's Thief. It then filled to just a few inches below the pool level of Morning's Thief and stayed there until Fountain quit at 1837. After Fountain it dropped more quickly than Fountain and seemed to go lower than Fountain, but it did not drain.

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