Note 19277

Date/Time:2018-06-27 @ 1800
Time Entered:2021-09-04 12:18:05
Time Uploaded:2021-09-04 12:18:05
Note:6-27-2018 ECHINUS – 1800 CB see NOTE under Steamboat Vixen is back to more regular play. The steam vent by Vixen is quieter. Pearl has bubbles breaking the surface. Pork chop is down about 4" from the rim. Green dragon is putting out chocolate brown runoff. Yellow funnel is way low, muddy brown and turbulent. Blue mud steam vents water/mud is not visable. Crater Spring water level is low as is Echinus. Echinus run off channel is dry in many areas. This back basin is much the same as last night except for Vixen. sorry for the long note! Forgot about Emerald. . . cuz it is the same! Boiling in the East thumb, green and fairly clear.

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