Note 2005

Date/Time From:2015-08-01 @ 1840
Date/Time To:2015-08-01 @ 1940
Time Entered:2015-08-01 19:15:54
Time Updated:2015-08-02 01:54:46
Time Uploaded:2015-08-02 01:54:20
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Note:No Ledge yet as of 1940. Large, sustained Red Vent surges were occurring about every 5 minutes from 1845-1901, much larger than on July 30. They were putting out floods of runoff and reaching 5-7 feet above the cone. There was not a pause but there seemed to be a slowdown from 1901-1931, when only 1 splash during that time produced runoff. There was a lot more water in the system than what I saw 46 hours earlier on July 30, the best activity in White Vent was 4-6 feet high and very juicy. White would have a push of steam whenever Red splashed. Jetsam was about 4-6 inches below the grass on the left side, probably not much higher than what Kitt B. observed at 0715. I did not see much activity from Jetsam's side spouter, but it was splashing occasionally.

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