Note 2035

Date/Time From:2015-08-06 @ 1747
Date/Time To:2015-08-06 @ 1918
Observer:James St. John
Time Entered:2015-08-06 23:26:30
Time Uploaded:2015-08-06 23:26:30
Note:Noticed at 1747 that Spasm Geyser's basin was nearly full, with 2 roils. Overflow at 1839. Overflow reached hole next to Jelly Geyser at 1843. Hole filled with water relatively quickly, with overflow at 1847. That overflow reached Jelly Geyser's basin at 1849.

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Clips 5-16 of this video compilation (time stamp 0:48 to 3:52) show Spasm Geyser's activity during the late afternoon and early evening of 6 August 2015.Entrant: JSJ
Time Entered:2017-01-06 04:22:06
Time Updated:2017-01-06 04:22:57
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