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Date/Time:2022-06-05 @ 1509
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Note:I have not noticed White ie for the last 2 weeks. I may just be missing it. Has anyone seen it? Apr 27 is last on GT.

White was infrequent during my visit in April. Spent a number of hours by 3 Sisters and only saw White a couple of times, including the eruption I recorded on 4/27.
Entrant: DanS
Time Entered:2022-06-05 15:29:46
Time Uploaded:2022-06-05 15:29:46
I drove past White a number of times during my trip last week, and did not see it erupting once. Although I will note that I did not stop and observe it closer at all.
Entrant: Stephen_Gemar
Time Entered:2022-06-05 16:07:39
Time Uploaded:2022-06-05 16:07:40
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