Note 22292

Date/Time:2022-07-02 @ 1709
Time Entered:2022-07-02 17:21:13
Time Updated:2022-07-02 17:31:09
Time Uploaded:2022-07-02 18:38:01
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:There are 4 active bubblers in Constant's main runoff channel that flows past the living thermometer sign. 1st one from the pool is in the narrow neck of the channel, oblong in shape, 2" long and bubbling to 1". Other 3 are in the middle of the wide area, 1st of these vents from Constants pool is 2" in diameter and blipping to 2". Other 2 are smaller in diameter with a 1/2" bubble. There is a active Frying pan type sizzler between the runoff channel and the Constant bench, about 1' from the edge of the water in the dry pebbly area, that cycles water and sizzles/flashes.

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