Note 23320

Date/Time From:2022-08-21 @ 0801
Date/Time To:2022-08-21 @ 0938
Observer:Lori S
Time Entered:2022-08-21 08:02:45
Time Updated:2022-08-21 17:12:59
Time Uploaded:2022-08-21 17:13:00
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:On arrival, water at just below white band and boiling constantly from just right of center. Vewy vewy steamy. 0830 maintaining water level. Still boiling constantly with a smattering of quick quiet periods. 0852 Water appeared to be rising slowly. It wasn't. Maintaining a constant boil but now also bubbling toward center and front. Still quite steamy. Sun fully above trees behind me - hat on. 0915 Small, loud plane flew over to east headed roughly south. 0928 Mountain Bluebird flitted about in grasses beyond and between Fearless and Palp. 0938 Still boiling and water level remains the same. Off to walk about.

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