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Geyser:Fan and Mortar Regular Cycle
Date/Time From:2023-07-10 @ 1353
Date/Time To:2023-07-10 @ 1903
Observer:Brian Gorman, Ben VL
Time Entered:2023-07-10 13:53:01
Time Updated:2023-07-10 22:19:56
Time Uploaded:2023-07-10 22:19:56
Submitted to:GeyserLog (iOS)
Note:Observed 5 regular cycles over this period, all of which followed a similar and fairly well organized pattern: All off, BV/LM low water or spritz, a little MV steam, RV on, H/G at +3-5 min, AV at +5-8 min, water ok but not exciting in any way, then the usual slop until AV would remember to stop. Notably, it *did* quit at the end of each cycle. 4 out 5 cycles we got an RV cough just when it seemed everything was off, then finally a full stop. The quiet periods betwen cycles were generally short, only once more than 15 minutes.

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Ben VL
Time Entered:2023-07-11 00:43:24
Time Uploaded:2023-07-11 00:44:00
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