Note 31224

Date/Time:1982-02-15 @ 1200
Observer:1982 Norris log
Time Entered:2023-11-25 07:49:07
Time Uploaded:2023-11-25 07:49:07
Note:Feb. 15, 1982 - no time noted - There is a new feature in the back basin that has been steadily growing since late summer. This feature is about 15 yds S.W. of Palpitator Spring & is right on the corner of where the boardwalk goes out to Palpitator. {moonlight group mab? } Its temperature is 202º & it has its own vents that spatter up Sand & gravel. This feature is also receiving the run off from Rubble Geyser which is still active. The ground near it still seems to be fairly stable although the vent is only ~3’ from the trail. By summer the trail may need to be moved depending on what this feature does in the meantime. Another Back Basin Baby.

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