Note 33292

Date/Time:1967-06-13 @ 1200
Observer:E. Leigh ~ Norris Thermal Record 1967-69
Time Entered:2023-12-21 11:41:11
Time Uploaded:2023-12-21 11:41:11
Note:#10 Fireball Geyser June 13 1967 - no time - No change. Located Northwest of Arsenic Geyser about 60 feet. This is the Geyser that DeSanto called Fan. The geyser has several small vents from which it plays. The two south vents are about the size of a mans fist. The geyser plays 3 to 6 feet high and plays almost all day. No sinter is built up around the vents, the runoff channel is colored a reddish orange and runs to the south.

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