Note 34035

Date/Time:2024-02-15 @ 1204
Observer:Betty on webcam
Time Entered:2024-02-15 12:05:11
Time Updated:2024-02-16 09:43:21
Time Uploaded:2024-02-16 09:43:21
Note:Sawmill is off. @user Riverside: for those who are collecting detailed data about Sawmill, it is helpful to know that Sawmill is off at some point. The next entry for Sawmill is from a new eruption then. If we don´t put a note on it that it is off or quiet, there may be several entries from different users for the same eruption. That may cause confusion for those who are interested in when Sawmill mode switched to Churn/Penta mode and is relevant for the whole area about deep drains, etc. We usually don´t do the notes for all geysers, only for those that make sense.

Betty, with over 12000 entries since 2016, has used an understandable description for when Sawmill has stopped erupting. Not appropriate to be flagged.
Entrant: CraigC
Time Entered:2024-02-16 08:47:33
Time Uploaded:2024-02-16 08:47:33
Time Entered:2024-02-16 09:18:33
Time Uploaded:2024-02-16 09:18:33
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