Note 3468

Geyser:West Triplet
Date/Time From:2016-08-11 @ 1557
Date/Time To:2016-08-11 @ 1626
Observer:James St. John
Time Entered:2016-08-11 22:52:10
Time Uploaded:2016-08-11 22:52:10
Note:Subterranean eruptive thumping and gurgling at 1557-onward, with steaming, but no visible water. Still going at 1603. Quiet/done at 1608 (coinciding with Vent & Turban & Percolator all finishing up). Renewed subterranean eruptive thumping and gurgling at 1611. Visible spray at 1613. Out-of-vent splashing (no visible pool) at 1614. Activity continuing to 1623. Getting quiet at 1625 to 1626.

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