Note 4164

Date/Time:2017-05-31 @ 1754
Observer:Kathy Lynn Carol Bill
Time Entered:2017-05-31 20:22:24
Time Updated:2017-05-31 21:14:40
Time Uploaded:2017-06-01 07:06:48
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Clep was on when Kathy arrived. Spasm was full and erupting. Water levels in Fountain and Morning were barely visible. Clep and new vent have been cycling on and off since then. water levels in Fountain and Morning have risen substantially reaching into the neck and about 2 feet from the rim of Fountain at 2000. Jet has been active while observed with first @ 1851. Spasm has been erupting constantly while under observation. Twig @ 1958. New vent is throwing rocks out of the crater onto the platform. Nothing from Super Frying Pan as of 2022. 2035 water in the new vent changed from 1 - 2 ft water based broad eruptions to more of the jetting steam based eruption and the water in Fountain dropped 6 - 8 inches. Twig end and drained @ 2045. no eruption as of 2114 when we left.

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