Note 4178

Geyser:Basin Spring
Date/Time From:2017-06-02 @ 1240
Date/Time To:2017-06-02 @ 1401
Observer:James St. John
Time Entered:2017-06-02 23:14:16
Time Updated:2017-06-02 21:15:14
Time Uploaded:2017-06-02 23:15:05
Note:No eruptions from Basin Spring. Receiving a trickle of runoff from Three Sisters Spring. Basin Spring's water level cycles up & down (Examples: high water, almost at rim, at 1248 & 1301 & 1312-1315; high water event, but not very close to rim, at 1327). Some high water level events are accompanied by slight to semi-decent overflow from the southwestern arm/corner of pool. A sustained high water event occurred from 1335 to 1357, accompanied by overflow. Slight bubbling at 1353 & 1356 & 1358 from next to the western edge of the pool. Low water levels appeared to be ~0.5 to 0.75 feet below the rim/border of the pool.

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