Note 5912

Date/Time From:1973-03-12 @ 1200
Date/Time To:1973-03-12 @ 1815
Observer:1973 log -Rick H
Time Entered:2017-09-08 10:03:19
Time Uploaded:2017-10-02 14:45:06
Note:03/12/1973 Arsenic The water level was seen throughout the morning and early afternoon to be gradually rising in the vent. Accompanying the filling was continuous minor play with splashing originating at the northeastern end. During the afternoon the minor play became gradually more vigorous with water occasionally splashing out. At 1342 the last 3-4 inches to the top of the vent rapidly filled and was accompanied by the splashing changing into a series of fountain-like jets with massive overflow & runoff. After 9 minutes of play the water bursts became intermittent & more mixed with steam to end the true water phase. At 1445 the “steam phase” was still in progress with occasional bursts up to 2-3 feet, while at 1610 all play had ceased. A second phase of activity began sometime between 4:30 and 4:40, with the new “steam phase” beginning at approximately 4:45 and running to approximately 6:15.

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