Note 691

Geyser:Fan and Mortar
Date/Time:2012-11-04 @ 1625
Time Entered:2012-11-04 21:53:27
Time Updated:2013-02-20 18:05:17
Time Uploaded:2012-11-04 21:53:27
Note:Had an event cycle at 16:25 that lead to NO eruption.
Splashing in Main
16:25 River on
16:32 River pause
16:35 Bottom vent eruption short duration
16:39 River back on
16:40 Bottom vent full eruption to 16:43
16:41 High Vent on
16:46 womph in main
16:49 Gold on
16:50 Angle on
17:02 Frying pan on
Water levels started at variable and disapeared after a few minutes.

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