Note 7960

Date/Time:2018-03-15 @ 0557
Observer:YVO Echinus Logger
Time Entered:2018-03-16 08:42:43
Time Uploaded:2018-03-16 08:42:43
Note:Spiked on the fourteenth until at least this data download repetitively up to 50°C. 2018-03-14: @ 1517 to 50.1°C, dropped to 14.7°C; @ 2059 to 49.4, dropped to 15.2°C (had three distinctive spikes, @ 2055 to 44.2°C, the one mentioned earlier and @ 2107 to 26.6°C while temperature was dropping). 2018-03-15: @ 0239 to 43.3°C, dropped to 14.9°C; @ 0523 to 47.4°C followed by another one to 40.6°C, dropped to 13°C after the second spike.

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