Note 7965

Geyser:Event Non-Geyser Related
Date/Time:2018-04-06 @ 0721
Entrant:Dave from B
Observer:Chat room...Kitt, CC, Jimbo, Joe, others
Time Entered:2018-04-06 08:04:39
Time Updated:2018-04-06 08:28:59
Time Uploaded:2018-04-06 08:29:00
Note:Wapiti Wolf pack spotted left of Sprinkler headed to the right. At least 13 spotted. Herd of bison tightly punched towards Lion keeping an eye on wolves at 723:23 right before camera zooms in to pack.

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Wapiti Wolf PackEntrant: Dave from B
Time Entered:2018-04-06 08:16:42
Time Uploaded:2018-04-06 08:16:42