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Date/Time From:2018-05-05 @ 0900
Date/Time To:2018-05-05 @ 1500
Time Entered:2018-05-05 16:22:51
Time Updated:2018-05-05 16:32:43
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Note:Erupted continuously in manner similar to minors but with water from both vents jetting much more frequently and to greater heights. North vent still hit 70 feet and south to 20 feet when I left. North was hitting 100 and south 50 upon arrival 6 hours earlier. It did not go into full roaring steam phase as I had anticipated. Runoff channels were flowing at 5-10 times rate of normal minor activity. Cistern was down 12 inches upon arrival and continued to drain slowly down to 16 inches 6 hours later just before I left. IMO Steamboat has tapped into a new, larger water source.

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