Note 8261

Geyser:Fan and Mortar
Date/Time From:2018-05-15 @ 1452
Date/Time To:2018-05-15 @ 1552
Time Entered:2018-05-22 11:33:33
Time Updated:2018-05-22 12:38:15
Time Uploaded:2018-05-22 12:38:15
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for iOS
Note:River, High, Gold (with Gold 2 & 3) ie on approach. Very small amount of water in Bottom Vent channel about 1’ down. Angle 1507. At about 1541, Bottom Vent had a sound like breaker waves hitting a rock (bassy sound). By 1543 sounded like Bottom Vent or Lower Mortar was filling - water flowing inside. River was trying to shut off as we left.

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