Note 8831

Date/Time From:2018-06-21 @ 0825
Date/Time To:2018-06-21 @ 0900
Observer:Carol Beverly
Time Entered:2018-06-21 09:40:47
Time Uploaded:2018-06-21 09:50:23
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Steamboat activity has slightly increased from last night. A tad bit more water in SC. (2 MINOR trickles!) NV occasional jetting 10 - 20'. SV even fewer but it is producing some water. Emerald still boiling but has obviously increased in temps as it is so hot today i can't see into it through the steam. I can hear it boil. Cistern is the same, very steamy and hard to see into the pool beyond the steam. (hot). see what the day brings!

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