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Date/Time From:2018-07-05 @ 1201
Date/Time To:2018-07-05 @ 1227
Time Entered:2018-07-05 12:26:52
Time Updated:2018-07-05 20:30:46
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Note:Steamboat still having nice concerted minors, with SV pushing out increased water, enough to move a remarkable amount of gravel from the trough at the bottom of its runoff channel. Gravel is now 10-13" wide along most of that area and bottom of trough becoming visible (water 8-10" deep). As I walked up to bridge, saw strong push that came over "center rock"', which is largest volume seen this interval. Morning walk to work showed first real change noticed in. almost 2 weeks Porcelain Basin still very active, but appears drier. Congress pool down 4-6" from yesterday, still boiling vigorously. Emerald Springs and Monarch runoff appears to have increased. Monarch geyser crater has clearer water and much fuller. Corperal boiling, runoff wet. Cistern did not look any different, boiling steadily, just at overflow. Emerald Springs is still cloudy but with noticeably less boiling.

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