Note 9040

Date/Time From:2018-07-05 @ 1927
Date/Time To:2018-07-05 @ 1948
Time Entered:2018-07-05 19:32:44
Time Updated:2018-07-05 20:32:49
Time Uploaded:2018-07-05 20:37:43
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Note:1929 nice vertical minor from NV, 30+', concerted w SV 10-15'. Not much water down runoff . Deep rumble. Nothing really new. 3x1' area of gravel has been dredged exposing a portion of the bottom of trough at bridge. Cistern remains right at overflow, muddy pool SE of crater all but dried up. Nice vertical play from North vent as I was leaving. Emerald continues to boil, cloudy. Congress at same level as this morning. Porcelain at sunset still very active, but less than a week ago.

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