Note 9043

Date/Time From:2018-07-06 @ 0718
Date/Time To:2018-07-06 @ 1336
Time Entered:2018-07-06 07:30:08
Time Updated:2018-07-06 14:12:53
Time Uploaded:2018-07-06 15:59:57
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Note:Perhaps 5% of concerted minors are vertical. None are producing a "wall" of white. Runoff is more than a trickle but not really impressive. 6-15 foot surges from SV are barely sending water over middle rock. NV 15-40 feet. Dredged area of gravel pit at bridge is unchanged from last night, still a foot x 3 feet wide. Vertical concerted splashes are smaller, lack height and volume. SV splash zone is running off into channel. Frequency of concerted minors increased from 0802-0816 causing audible gurgling in runoff. Babbling brook at 0956, 1100, 1116, 1241, 1315, 1327, 1329, 1334, 1336. Good series of minors with large concerted minors at 1243, 1245 put out significant runoff. Another at 1252 produced less. 1254 excellent surge. Subsequent large surges listed above as babbling brooks starting at 1315. Left side of SV runoff channel was wet. Gravel pit center area dredged down to rock and widened a bit.

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