Eruption 1361282

Duration:15m 50s
Standardized Duration:15m 50s
Time Entered:2022-05-31 23:05:28
Time Uploaded:2022-05-31 23:05:28
Observer:Gary Novak
Comments:Arrived at 1144 to a dry runoff channel. NW and SW catch pools had water, but I don't know if that was from a previous eruption, or the snow and rain yesterday. 1159: Water out of the south and southwest towards the sign. Water was through the notch by this point. 1201: First bubbles from the vent. 1205: eruption. Overflow was to the boardwalk, but not pushing in a strong way. No futz minor before the eruption, although the eruption took a moment to get to full Vixen-like eruption. After the eruption, there were a few small vortices, and finally the deep, classic, toilet style drain. I stayed long enough to ensure that another eruption was not happening within 10 minutes or so. The pool began a rapid recovery and got out to 1st and 2nd beach and then seemed to stall. I left at this point. By 1251 I was over by Corporal.

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