Eruption 927504

Time:1623 ie
Geyser:Other Geyser
Time Entered:2017-07-29 23:46:50
Time Uploaded:2017-07-29 23:46:53
Observer:James St. John
Comments:Small geyser just off the left margin of Pair Geyser (as seen from the Fountain overlook platform) in the southwestern Kaleidoscope Group (Lower Geyser Basin). In eruption at 1623; already off at 1627. In eruption at 1631; already off at 1637. In eruption at 1639 - done at 1641. Near start or in eruption at 1648; already off at 1652. In eruption at 1700; dying down at 1702; done at 1703. Near start or in eruption at 1708; already off at 1712. Eruption start at 1715 - done at 1719 (~4m duration). Eruption start at 1722 (started low) - done at late 1727 (~5m duration; ~7m interval with previous eruption). Near start (or eruption start) at 1732 (low); already off at 1737. In eruption at 1746. Stopped recording times for this feature after this, but activity did continue.

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