Note 1619

Date/Time From:2015-05-21 @ 1229
Date/Time To:2015-05-21 @ 2027
Observer:James St. John
Time Entered:2015-05-21 23:50:56
Time Updated:2015-05-22 00:02:50
Time Uploaded:2015-05-22 00:02:50
Note:Vixen Geyser eruptions result in runoff radiating away in four directions: 1) to the SW, emptying into a drain on the western side of the boardwalk (I observed this drain receiving runoff in 2013, but not in 2014; it is receiving runoff in May 2015); 2) to the E, emptying into a moderately large crater; 3) to the NW, then running northward and northeastward along the boardwalk and emptying into Tantalus Creek; 4) to the NE, emptying into Tantalus Creek.

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