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Date/Time From:2015-09-21 @ 1425
Date/Time To:2015-09-21 @ 1510
Time Entered:2015-09-21 21:11:06
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Note:Big changes at Vixen, post disturbance! Friday's intervals were shorter, but I didn't stay long. Saturday Nick V observed the same. Sunday, the change, as seen by Nick Sunday, and myself today, Monday. These are full bodied tall eruptions!! The water level in the pool is lower at eruption, with very little runoff except in the longer durations. I saw no runoff heading towards the west sinkhole under the boardwalk, and the formation on the south side is drying out. The DRAIN noise is back! I barely had time to write down duration, enjoy the loud drain sound and reset the timer on my watch before it is Game On with another quick fill right after the drain ends. Wow, what a change! The sinkhole that is in line between Vixen and Corporal that had water on opening weekend, and held water all summer is drained. The sluggish drain began with my first observations in April... coincidence that the sinkhole drained and Vixen behaves this way? Related to the new large sinkhole to the south? Who knows.

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