Note 2403

Date/Time From:2015-09-22 @ 1110
Date/Time To:2015-09-22 @ 1730
Time Entered:2015-09-22 23:19:46
Time Uploaded:2015-09-22 23:19:46
Note:Vixen on Steroids, post disturbance, continues. Either my shock over this behavior wore off, or today I noticed more splashy play, or it is changing again. First bursts and short durations are still very tall. Later in the longer eruptions things get a bit more chaotic, particularly after a pause. Many pauses happen around the 30 second mark. Pool level this afternoon seemed lower, and some parts of the eruption look like the "fiber optic christmas tree" similar to the low-water-mostly- steam eruptions witnessed by Clark, DaveM, Kathy F Mike F and myself May 2014. I was wondering if some of those low pool moments would switch to that behavior. Upon arrival the runoff channel west (to sinkhole across the boardwalk) was wet, but I saw no runoff that way on my longest duration of just under 4 minutes.

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