Note 5628

Geyser:Emerald Spring
Date/Time:1975-08-21 @ 0810
Observer:1975 log
Time Entered:2017-09-02 21:19:54
Time Uploaded:2017-10-02 14:45:06
Note:08/21/1975 Drastic change in Emerald Spring and area around the pool! There is now a large boiling spot located near the front edge of the pool, just about at the middle section. It is boiling violently, to heights of 1-2 feet, & occasionally is actually “erupting” or being tossed up a few inches. The boiling area itself is quite large, perhaps 1 to 2 meters in diameter. Up to this time, the pool has been very quiet, with the bubbles rising gently to the surface & located at the front edge of the pool, but down at the extreme left end. The pool, which had gradually been regaining its emerald green color, is now very turbid – a muddy brown color. In the surrounding area, the little constant spouter located to the right of the pool has stopped all activity & is totally drained. It has continually spouted to heights of 2-3 feet all summer. Two smaller pools at the back edge of the spring have also completely drained. The boiling spouter on the hillside at the back edge of the pool (surrounded by white rock) has also stopped all action & is completely empty! All changes noted at 810 this am.

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